The flagship product of the company is the SeaQAR professional remote system for monitoring yachts. Sophisticated sensors, developed system architecture, powerful data transmission together with a dedicated application gives users comprehensive information on their vessel’s status and position.

The SeaQAR remote yacht monitoring system is a modern management technology which ensures yacht owners and operators comfort, safety and control. It consists of a set of modular devices, available in the Basic version and also with additional options, and the web application.

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Remote access to data

The system allows remote access to the information received from the yacht sensors, as long as you are connected to the Internet. Wherever you are, you have real-time access to information on your yacht.

Dedicated application

Dedicated application was created as a part of the system. It allows you to remotely monitor the status of a yacht in a simple and convenient way, at any time, via tablet with Internet access.

Text messaging

Reports such as breaking geofence,  collision with an obstacle alarm, high bilge water level, low battery level, can be sent to a given telephone number as a text message. You can be sure that no event regarding your vessel will miss your attention.

Navigation data

The register allows you ongoing monitoring of basic navigation data, such as the position of the boat (coordinates), course, speed. This way you know exactly where your boat is, even if you are not sailing it, or it has been chartered.


The Geofence tool enables you to monitor the boat's position - leaving the yacht in the harbour or at anchor, you can specify a radius, relative to the current position, which shall not be exceeded by the yacht. After breaking this virtual barrier, you will be immediately notified by SMS. In this way you will know, e.g when a boat that should be in port, was stolen.

Bilge water sensor

The system is equipped with a bilge high water sensor. This function allows the yacht owner to be instantly alerted when the bilge water level rises enough to pose a threat to the yacht. Moreover, the register is equipped with an in-built automatic device that controls the pump and enables it to pump the water out efficiently. In this way you can be sure that when you come back to the yacht you will avoid soaked upholstery and a flooded boat.

Boat battery monitoring

Another important advantage of SeaQAR is monitoring the safety of personnel and the yacht. The battery charge sensor will inform you in advance of critical battery level, before you are unable to start the engine, e.g. - during a storm.

System battery monitoring

Each monitoring system contains an internal battery that guarantees continuous operation even when the yacht battery is discharged. Along with the energy-efficient architecture of the device, the system can be completely autonomous for a period of 7 days, whilst continually providing full functionality.

Engine monitoring

Another essential function is controlling engine parameters and reporting, when the drive unit is used with an heel angle greater than allowed in engine instruction (resulting in possible lack of engine lubrication and engine seizure).

Fuel level

Determining the level of fuel is no longer a problem. Through the web application you can keep a check on the fuel level, and in the case of low levels the register will also send you SMS alerts.

Water levels

The device allows ongoing monitoring of clean water in the tank and used water (blackwater). It will also send you an SMS notification with low levels of clean water or high levels of consumed.

Alarm module

A yacht is a valuable thing. It is worth, therefore, to protect it from theft or unfortunate accidents like fire. The alarm module signal will inform about the threat thus giving the possibility of a quick reaction, and also send SMS notification about the threat.